Virtual Past offers a wide variety of animation content, from simple 360 video turntables of a historic building to more complicated flythroughs of architectural sites and landscapes. Other options include depictions of historical characters, natural history, modern history and warfare. The possibilities are limited only by the imagination.

Animations can be utilised to clearly and concisely reveal the historical phases that a building or site has experienced through history. Launch the video on the right to see some short example clips.

  • Historical accuracy assured with our dedicated historical     expertise

  • Architecture, natural scenes, characters and objects visualised     during any historical period

  • Engaging and educational material to suit your needs

  • As with all our content, it can be viewed on your website, on site standard or interactive screens, or housed     within apps for mobile devices

  • More cinematic options that might be brought to life to inspire and educate visitors include:

  • Animation of key events

  • Interactive characters

  • Special effects

  • Tell stories and educate visitors in a clear and colourful medium

  • Still images provided by Virtual Past can be a powerful way of communicating with viewers and can be included into larger video experiences, websites, on-site interpretation, educational materials and books or brochures. Historical accuracy is provided by our academic expertise and high-quality visualisation by strength by our artistic team.

    Please access the galleries on this page to see examples of some of the ways stills might be utilised, including:

  • Historical illustration

  • Annotated diagrams

  • Maps with virtual elements

  • Cutaways and exploded views.

  • Clear images of your chosen subjects from any perspective

  • Highly realistic & atmospheric still images

  • Stills are one of the clearest and simplest visual mediums to
    represent information about your building, landscape or object.

    Contact us to talk about options!

    Virtual Past can exploit a variety of existing imagery (real world photography, aerial footage, video material, or existing historical documents and maps) as the basis for wider interpretation. This is a flexible way of using small amounts of historical content to make a bigger impact for the viewer.

    Please take a look at the short video example (left) or browse a few stills images in the gallery below. Examples of applications might include:

  • Inserting models of historical sites into aerial video or aerial     photography

  • Inserting models into high quality ground video &     photography, or captured on mobile devices

  • Inserting 3D elements into a filmed walkthrough of your site

  • Including 3D models into existing historical paintings/drawings

  • See modern/ancient maps with exciting 3D elements inserted

  • Bring still images to life with animated 3D

  • Contact us to talk about options!

    Special FX may be used to enhance realism and the entertainment value of your piece, or in imaginative ways to aid on-screen interpretation. We can simulate real phenomenon or use FX to take a more artistic approach to storytelling.

    View the videos right/below to see short examples of special FX in action, in areas such as:

  • Bringing modern or ancient warfare to life

  • Explosions, fires, smoke & destruction

  • Natural phenomenon (dust, snow, fog, rain, etc)

  • Other special FX may be used to help tell the story of your historical site in interesting on-screen ways, for instance:

  • Showing a building being ‘built up’ from ruins

  • Showing a building being damaged by fire, flood or war

  • FX to help show how a process or mechanism works

  • Imaginative FX to enhance storytelling