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Norwich Blackfriars


Norwich Blackfriars is by far the most complete and best preserved of England's few surviving medieval friaries and one of the City's most historically important and architecturally striking landmarks. A new website aims to promote awareness and understanding of a potentially confusing complex of buildings that can be overlooked by tourists drawn to the far better-known cathedral and castle.

The nave and a substantial part of the medieval precinct are open to the public, although the lack of a guidebook or short, readily available history of the site poses a challenge to most visitors.


  • Recreation of medieval friary
  • Animation for tourism website

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Norwich Blackfriars
Norwich Blackfriars
Norwich Blackfriars
Norwich Blackfriars
Norwich Blackfriars
Norwich Blackfriars


Virtual Past produced high quality 3D computer models showing the medieval construction of the friary, a timeline of significant dates and an easily accessible guide to the site in its historical context. The educational value of the website was further enhanced with a carefully chosen selection of maps, plans, drawings and edited documents (in modern English), along with images of the originals, together with web-links and suggestions for further reading.

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The new website is useful for students, local historians and other specialists while also providing the context which encourages users to visit the site.