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Virtual Past launched in 2009, and brings together leading historians from the University of East Anglia with cutting edge Virtual Reality modellers to create historically accurate digital models, images and video material for use in the heritage industry and education. Content can be presented on your website, via mobile apps, or physically on site; displayed on screens or as part of interactive experiences (working on touch screens or similar).

Our role is to create interest, excitement and accessibility for your historical building, visitor attraction or educational centre. Each project is tailored to your needs and the funding available - from clear presentations of simple, functional 3D models of your site, to richer more detailed media experiences of historic buildings and landscapes.

The sort of materials we can deliver is broad, so please visit our What we offer page for fuller details of the variety of content we can deliver for you.

Together we can explore potential opportunities and by understanding your requirements fully we can develop solutions tailored to your own needs.

The potential to create new ways for you to interact with your audience is broad and still be cost effective.

William Cuningham map
St John's Cathedral

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